Stomping Those Numbers

I am so proud to announce our newest update for the total number of learners trained to date is……


That’s such an incredible achievement, that means 51,365 South Africans have a greater understanding of how to manage their finances better and 51,365 South Africans are more empowered because of us and our wonderful clients that we work with.

Hip Hip Hooray!!!

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This post was written by Clayton on September 5, 2011

When CSI and Marketing Build Economic Value Together

Access to Bottom of the Pyramid markets. Everyone wants it! Over the past few years it’s been dawning on marketers that there are a lot of people living at the ‘Bottom of the Pyramid’.

Our company has been delivering community-based financial literacy education workshops for a few years now. We help unemployed and unskilled people in communities set up their own training companies, and then provide them with the training, content, mentoring and business-in-a-box tools to be able to deliver the workshops locally.

Jules’ new article, about this, is featured in the latest Practical Marketing Magazine.

Check it out here.

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This post was written by Clayton on September 1, 2011