Meet Raelene ‘Empower Africa’ Rorke

Hello Hello,

Two Hello’s, simply because it’s my second introduction to the same family, maybe different households, but the same family.

It was March, 2 years ago, when I wrote my first introductory Avo blog - introducing myself to my new family (Avocado Vision).

Indeed since arriving at Avo, I have been stretched, loved and challenged. The result - a young woman who has a better understanding of her strengths, thresholds and possibly even my life purpose. This learning converted to the evolution of my next life within the Avo family - Key Account Manager for Footprint.

What does that mean for me? Most importantly, it means I have strong permission to use my FUTURIST strength - which means I am constantly inspired by the future… what could be… not settling for today’s woes and challenges, but constantly looking for a better tomorrow.

In a nutshell, that is what Footprint means to me. As Account Manager, Ambassador and Activator of Footprint projects, it gives me great pleasure to dedicate every day to finding new ways of using this incredible vehicle to bring messages to, educate, and up-skill the people of South Africa. I’m helping them make better decisions in their lives, for their families and taking power of their future.

Its an incredible gift for me to continue what I call my Ambassadorial Journey, which started in Umtata, Transkei… I began as an ambassador for my family and my school, when I moved to out of home at the age of 13 to pursue a modelling career in Johannesburg. Then I became an ambassador for the youth of South Africa when I won Miss Teen South Africa, then my ambassadorial roles took me forward to the World Economic Forum and Fairplay For Africa (HIV Campaign all over Africa). Now, Footprint - I literally represent the future of South Africa, ensuring that I share the capabilities of Footprint to empower those less fortunate and take our country to the next level, to a level of individual independence and empowerment.

According to Marcus Buckingham, author of Now Discover Your Strengths, the other part of the FUTURISTIC person, is the ability to lift the spirits of other people, as they often look to you to paint a picture that lifts their sights and therefore their spirits. I plan to practise this skill and share it with the whole of Africa by using this phenomenal organisation called Footprint, as we “build Africa, one person at a time”!

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This post was written by Clayton on July 27, 2010