Footprint takes on Parliament

Breaking news!!!! I’m really excited to announce that our FEF project was presented to parliament last Thursday by the MD of the Postbank, amid great accolades and applause!

As of yesterday our trainers had trained 8 349 people across South Africa on our basic financial literacy programme Money fo’ Sho’ within the scope of this particular project. I’m really proud of my team that has been working on this project. Both the HO logistics team, and the trainers in the field have been working their butts off to make this thing fly like a bird. Just for this project we have started 12 new micro-enterprises with our field trainers who are learning how to run training businesses in rural and semi-urban communities.

People are changing their lives all over this project, and I’m excited to have that recognized by parliament. It feels like we’re one step closer to being able to make a significant impact in the South African landscape.

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This post was written by Clayton on March 26, 2010

Money fo’ Sho! Creates Job Opportunities

I continue to be humbled by the work we’re doing out there.  Today I heard 3 stories with exactly the same theme, happening on just 1 day:

3 of our trainers across the country received excited phone calls from their learners: each call described how the learner had taken the certificate along to a job interview, and were successful in landing a job – two at the local banks, and one at the local toll road company!

Although the certificates don’t actually serve as a qualification, they are testimony to the keenness of people who will willingly give up a day to learn more about managing their own finances more effectively. The training also allowed them to talk more confidently about issues that, in the past, were just too overwhelming to address.

It’s an exciting, if unintended benefit of the work.  We’re still contributing to building South Africa, one person at a time!

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This post was written by Jules on March 5, 2010