Blisters on our feet!

One thing you will learn about Avocado Vision, and Footprint; is that we always deliver! No matter what it takes you can be sure we will learn, change and grow and make sure that we meet our objectives.

We have just finished Footprints’ first official project and what a privilege it has been to walk this road. Yes now we have “blisters on our feet” from walking the long sometimes hot roads. These blisters will heal and leave scars behind that will remind us of what we have learned. You might have read a few stories about some of the things we learned, then there are the success stories that follow that learning.

We were contracted to facilitate a two hour workshop, based on a booklet published by the Financial Services Board. Our target was to train 2500 learners, in 9 provinces within 3 months, amounting to 90 workshops. The target market was specifically youth between the ages of 16 – 22. We also had to distribute the booklets to each delegate as part of the project outcomes.

The project was completed at the beginning of April 2009.

  1. Attendees trained: 3010
  2. Total number workshops: 108
  3. No. of booklets issued: 5000
  4. Trainers active: 11
  5. Percentage complete: 133%
  6. Training time used: 45%
  7. Gender Split: M: 42% F: 58%
  8. Provinces: 9

So we did it, with some blood, sweat and tears of joy and pain! All in all we achieved all our objectives. We will soon be posting some interviews with a few of our trainers so you can get a sense of what it was like for them out in the field. There was a lot of great feedback from the learners on the evaluation forms. Click here to read some of the verbatim feedback!

Why do we want to get involved in consumer ed?

There are a lot of different opinions about what is and is not working with regards to consumer’s education. There is a lot of debate about measuring behavioural changes and monitoring the economic impact of face-to-face interventions. We can get so caught up in these corporate issues, which are valid because those who are signing the cheques want to know what the impact is on economic growth! No-one has the answers yet and while the debates in sue we want to be part of the force that is out there, believing that what we are doing makes a difference.

We are fortunate enough to see the “lights go on” in the peoples eyes when they sit in the classrooms. The “gogo” who is delighted because she has found a new way to save money for her grandchild’s schooling! The young single mother who manages her fears that “the bank will steal her money” has learned that her money can grow in the bank.

We believe that what is happening on a grass-roots level is important and valuable and we will continue to look for clients to partner with, who have a similar philosophy of growing communities.

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This post was written by Sandi on May 15, 2009