With the right training, anyone can be Manuel

As a lot of you already know, Footprint is in the middle of its first training rollout together with the FSB. 

The Footprint offices have been buzzing with excitement as the trainers arrived from all around the country to be upskilled on the Manage your money workshop, between 2500 and 3000 delegates from communities around South Africa will be trained in vital money management.  One of the Star reporters (Eulalia Snyman) attended the ADT training session on Friday the 20th of February and enjoyed it so much that this exclusive was written and published less than a week later, and what a response we’ve had.  So far people have been calling all morning, requesting information on the next Gauteng session for which to attend.

Well done to the whole Footprint team and the FSB for empowering and educating SA sustainably!

Click on the picture to download the PDF version to print and read for yourself.

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This post was written by Clayton on February 26, 2009

Growing and Learning

There are a few things in life that I value, and through “hard” experience have learned are key to building a successful business; Integrity, honesty, humility and resilience. When we started our first official Footprint programme, we knew we were going to learn a lot. Things were not going to work out 100% so we built in contingency plans and then waited.

Our first major learning came last week. It was a little more painful than we anticipated. It called for us to be honest, accept our failures and come up with a plan! Then came the humility and resilience. We had some choices along the way. Become victims of our bruised ego’s or go OK this is not about us, this is about building a sustainable company that is going to make a difference and the only way to do that is being honest with our clients and ourselves. So we pulled together as a team and made a plan to fix what we had done wrong. So we are still feeling a bit bruised in some areas, because we are all so intent on making this happen.

What I realise is one of Avo’s strengths is the commitment to deliver to client expectations, no matter what. We are able to assess ourselves and make plans to fix things. I have seen Avo do this often and now we are implementing that same philosophy in Footprint!

So what went wrong? We misjudged out train-the-trainer programme. Our trainers lost their confidence because they had not had enough time to solidify the content. Our mistake, not theirs! We realise we need to focus a lot more on “drilling” content with the trainers. Training in a corporate environment (in which AVO thrives and are so damn good!) is different to training grass-roots. We now have a 15 day train-the-trainer programme and a lot more focus on building confidence in the trainers around content. And of course we zipped them off to Ngikwazi to add the finishing touches!

We are being assessed again by our client this week and are expecting a lot more happy smiles! But we will wait and see……. With humility and ego’s intact, honesty in left hand, integrity in right hand a lot of resilience everywhere!

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This post was written by Sandi on February 18, 2009

Welcome Footprint trainers

Busses, delays, early mornings and lots of logistics and we have 8 trainers from all over South Africa arriving at AVO for their training for the FSB project. Our logistics team has been hard at work finding the trainers and making all the arrangements. Well done Team!

We welcome all the trainers with open arms. Jules and I jumped with delight when we were introduced to the first trainers that arrived this morning. We were sitting strategising about how far we have come to ensure that Footprint takes off … when in walked these two smiling faces. They had travelled far and still had a glint in their eyes…..

The AVO space will be buzzing with excitement over the next two weeks as the trainers get down and dirty with the training program.

Watch this space for more…… If you see someone hopping about with a great smile on their face… it could just be me!

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This post was written by Sandi on February 5, 2009